Refereed Journal Articles

“Enemy or Ally? Elites, Base Relations, and Partisanship in America.” Forthcoming at Public Opinion Quarterly.

“Fight Clubs: Media Coverage of Party (Dis)Unity & Citizens’ Selective Exposure to It.” Forthcoming at Political Research Quarterly. (LINK)

“No Harm in Checking: Using Factual Manipulation Checks to Assess Attentiveness in Experiments” 2019. American Journal of Political Science 63 (1): 234-49. (with Jason Barabas) (LINK)

“Using, Experiments, Observational Data, and Content Analyses to Study Partisanship in America.” 2019. SAGE Research Methods Cases. (LINK)

“Why Can’t We Agree On ID? Partisanship, Perceptions of Fraud, and Public Support for Voter Identification Laws.” 2017. Public Opinion Quarterly. 81 (4): 943-955. (LINK)

“Organized Labor as the New Undeserving Rich? Mass Media, Class-based Anti-union Rhetoric, and Public Support for Unions in the U.S.” Forthcoming in the British Journal of Political Science (with Benjamin J. Newman). (LINK)

“Economic Inequality and Public Support for Organized Labor.” 2017. Political Research Quarterly 70 (4): 918-932. (with Benjamin J. Newman). (LINK)

“No Love for Doves? Foreign Policy and Candidate Appeal.” 2017. Social Science Quarterly 98 (5): 1659-1676. (with Helmut Norpoth). (LINK)

“Control, Accountability and Constraints: Rethinking Perceptions of Presidential Responsibility for the Economy.” 2016. Presidential Studies Quarterly 46 (2): 335-364. (LINK)

“Backlash against the ‘Big Box’: Local Small Business and Public Opinion toward Business Corporations.” 2014. Public Opinion Quarterly 78 (4): 984-1002 (with Benjamin J. Newman). (LINK)

Book Reviews

Review of Adam Seth Levine’s American Insecurity: Why Our Economic Fears Lead to Political Inaction. 2016. Journal of Politics 78 (1): e12-e13 (with Jason Barabas). (LINK)

Research Under Review and In Progress

Political Coalitions and Partisan Identity (with Lilliana Mason and Julie Wronski). Under Review.

Public Support for Voter Identification Laws (with David C. Wilson). Under Review.

Perceptions of the Wealthy (with Benjamin J. Newman). Manuscript in Preparation.

Realist Framing & International Relations (with Mary Beth Altier). Data currently being collected.

Social Groups and Partisanship (with Lilliana Mason and Julie Wronski).

Factual Manipulation Checks & Attentiveness (with Yamil R. Velez and Jason Barabas).